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Monday, December 10, 2012

Difference between facebook and blog


What is the difference between Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Word Press? And how can I use them to promote my business?

Facebook is the most popular social media. There are over 750 million users. Twitter on the other hand has 26 million users.  Facebook appeal is to reconnect with old friends and family or to keep up to date with what they are currently doing. On Facebook you can share photos, play games, instant message people, share your status and etc. Facebook is easy to grasp and keeps you connected with friends. However on twitter you update your status in up to 140 characters. You can get instant response to your tweets and you can reach far beyond your friends.

Blogger and Wordpress are both blog sites where people post articles on a topic or about their life. They are really similar however Wordpress has additional options compared Blogger. On Wordpress they allow you to have a self-hosted blog of your own domain. Also Wordpress has over 1000 of different themes for the blog. However with all these positive points for Wordpress why would anyone use blogger? The reason is because blogger is owned by Google. Posting articles on blogger will be weighed more heavily by Google search engine and will rank your website highly.

With the power of all 4 of these social Medias, you can easily improve and promote your business. With Facebook and Twitter you can have people follow you and can easily update them. For example if you have a new product or service available to the customer you can update your Facebook or twitter and inform them in seconds. Companies can also create promotions that will attract customers to their locations. One example that attracted me is this promotion where they sold free bubble tea for a day. I saw this form one of my friend’s status.  This is a really good strategy since if one person knows about your promotion it can spread to many more of his/her friends and keep on spreading the word. Without this promotion, I would probably not have known there was a bubble tea store at this location. With Blogger and Wordpress, their main uses to promote your company is sharing information about your company and increase its positioning on search engines like Google. This is really important since you increase the traffic to your sites which in turns increase the amount of customers you have.

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